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    Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a 1,page manifesto entitled A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to. Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “ – A European Declaration of Independence”. July 28, We refrained from posting this document for a. A European Declaration of Independence De Laudt Novae Militiae Furthermore, it was Karl Marx who wrote in The Communist Manifesto about the.

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    Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — by Anders Breivik. A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to the unsuccessful second Ottoman siege of Vienna in — which he e-mailed to 5, people just hours before the attacks. In the manifesto, which is part political discussion, p – A European Declaration of Independence Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a ihdependence manifesto entitled In the manifesto, which is part political discussion, part confessional, and part action plan, Breivik sets out his belief that his actions will help to spark a civil war in Europe that will last for decades, progressing through three distinct phases and culminating in with the extermination of European Marxists and the expulsion of Muslims from Europe.

    In the manifesto, Berwick-Breivik describes his background and discusses his political viewpoints. Major parts of the manifesto are attributed to the anonymous Norwegian blogger Fjordman. The introductory chapter of the manifesto defining “Cultural Marxism” is a copy of Political Correctness: The text also copies sections of the Unabomber manifesto, without giving credit, while exchanging the words “leftists” for “cultural Marxists” and “black people” for “muslims”.

    The New York Times described American influences in Brevik’s writings, noting that he mentions the anti-Islamist American Robert Spencer 64 times declxration his declaratioh and cites Spencer’s works at great length. Published first published July 22nd To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up.

    Lists with This Book. Aug 16, Anita Dalton added it Shelves: Yes, I read the damn thing and will be posting 4 discussions about this manifesto over on I Read Odd Books.

    First two will be about Fjordman, the blogger who inspired the shooter, and og two will be about the words Anders Behring Breivik shared. Here’s a snippet from my analysis from what I am calling Fjordman: There are moments when, as I read, I could see the declarayion turning in his mind and if he had just let them turn a bit more, he might have come out on the other side of the machine.

    But alas, he got stuck. For instance, Fjordman is strangely aware of how dumb his particular brand of conspiracy sounds but is unaware that he is just like every other True Believer out there in how he rationalizes his ideas.

    I do not disagree with the fact that conspiracy theories exist, nor that they can be dangerous. He understands that they exist and that others look at the Eurabia conspiracy and dismiss it along with other conspiracies. But like all True Believers, his conspiracy is different, somehow, than all the other conspiracy theories. Read all of Declarattion One here.

    Here’s a snippet from Fjordman: I am going to say without equivocation that if one were to try to know Fjordman from just the text he has written, it would be safe to say that he hates women. I know there is more to him than that, that this is hopefully ill-conceived rhetoric, but after reading many of his words I think he is a rape apologist. Indeed, Fjordman seems very happy all those Labor Party women got what was coming to them — violent rape. I have written several essays before on the damaging effects of Western feminism.


    As this post from Gallia Watch[1] puts it: It all holds together.

    ‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation – BBC News

    Dexlaration tribe that does not protect its women is behaving as if they have already lost the war. But our enemies do. Okay, he infependence off recognizing that rape is often used in war, a neutral enough statement. But then he gives in to some really base ideas. European women have brought rape on themselves because they demean the poor Western men and because they and their buddies, their chums, their bosom pals, invited all those big, Islamic rapists in. Too bad, too sad, Western Bitches is the tone of this passage.

    Rape apology 22083 ugly, ugly, ugly, but strangely even more perverse when you are gloating over the rapes of the very women you hope to save from those Muslims. Read all of Part Two here. Here’s a snippet from Part Three: Breivik While Breivik was decidedly an Islamophobe, there definitely other motives that fueled his rampage. The very way he begins his manifesto is a very good clue that he has mixed motives. The beginning is not an overview of atrocities attributed to Muslims, but rather a discourse on how the family of the s cannot exist in a politically correct world.

    I intend to independencw the case in Part Indeprndence that Breivik was as equally motivated by twisted emotions about what he considers the destruction of his own family as he was the need to end Muslim immigration in Europe.

    Though in his manifesto he gives a reason for why he did not shoot Muslims, the fact that he shot undependence people, teens, having fun at a summer camp, speaks to motives in addition to Islamophobia. It is more in line with his loathing of cultural Marxism, but even that only goes so far.

    He shot dsclaration death dozens of teenagers because he was striking out at a country he felt deprived him of the family and youth he thinks he deserved and missed out on. So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience, and his motives go further than just a look at his declaratiom discussed disjointedly and blandly in his manifesto.

    You can find analysis of those parts of his manifesto elsewhere, and in the comments on those sites you will find refutations that are then refuted and in turn there is more refutation but there is never a conclusion.

    A True Believer in conspiracy theory cannot change his or her argument and non-believers are foolish even to try and convince them to see reason on an online venue. It would just be my facts against their facts and it would be a colossal waste of time.

    Instead, I intend to examine this manifesto in two ways. In this article, Part Three, I want to discuss the framework Breivik set up for the massacre and the things he actually did to prepare. I warn eeuropean — Dfclaration Three is the least interesting part of my analysis and probably reads that way. But it is worth looking at, I think.

    2083: A European Declaration of Independence

    Breivik may be lying about some of the things he did, but that maniffesto at least seems to have some authenticity to it. The framework, in which he analyzed who should be killed, how to go about it, evasive maneuvers, etc. Read all of Part Three here. Here’s a snippet from Part Four: It is in the beginning of the section of cultural Marxism, and I think on one level that it is folly to discuss much about the order of this manifesto.


    It is a mess in terms of indrpendence lay-out. But at the same time, this is the document Breivik left behind to influence people, to try to bring people around to his way of thinking. There are any number declarwtion ways he could have started the meat of his manifesto. He could have started by enumerating what he perceives as Muslim atrocities committed in Europe. That would be logical, as he committed the murders ostensibly with the goal of interrupting cultural Marxism recruitment because the cultural Marxists are the ones he blames for allowing Muslim immigration.

    He could have started off detailing why Muslim immigration is bad. He could have started off by explaining exactly what cultural Marxism is.

    He could have started off this manifesto in any number of ways. So I think it is worth looking at his beginning and see what it represents. First of all, obviously he maniifesto into the pearl-clutching ideas of Diana West that modernity is degenerate, despicable, violent and pornographic and that the s were the halcyon days lf innocence, happiness and decency. But he also discusses exclusively how the terrors of cultural Marxism play themselves out on the traditional family unit of a man, wife and children.

    Not the toll cultural Marxism infependence taken on society at large, but rather a close focus on the microcosm, the family that can no longer exist in the current atmosphere.

    And he placed this part first because it is the part that means the most to him, even above and beyond the Islamification of Europe.

    I assert this is because Breivik is bitterly angry about his childhood. I know, I know, this is simplistic armchair psychology at its worst. Breivik experienced a sense of loss about his childhood. His parents divorced when he was one-year-old.

    Both parents remarried and both subsequently divorced again. This may not seem like the strongest of ideas on my part but as you read, you will see even more proof that shows that Breivik appears to be reacting to the destruction of what he wanted in a family. Breivik literally begins his manifesto bemoaning the lost family of the s.

    2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

    In a novel, this would be a large symbol, leading off with the lost, doomed family of the past. At times I wonder if he was trying to destroy the futures of kids he saw as happier than him. In his eyes, if his family was destroyed, independdnce other families needed to be destroyed, too.

    I genuinely feel as if he was trying to kill a generation that had far more happiness than he thinks he got to experience as a child. Read all of Part Four here. View all 10 comments. Jan 26, Jacob Senholt rated it did not like it Shelves: His ‘manifesto’ did not really change my first impression of Breivik.

    The way he concludes that the only remaining option now is armed resistance, terrorism and mass executions, whi His ‘manifesto’ did not really change my first impression of Breivik. The way he concludes that the only remaining option now is armed resistance, terrorism and mass executions, while at the same time advocating for a ‘soft cultural conservatism’ and declararion the same time attacking the totalitarian methods of e.

    Nazism while his own fantasies of revolutions and very bloody coups are even more totalitarian. And his denouncement europwan fascism as an ideology of ijdependence, while now after a few months in jail he wants to start his own fascist party.

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